History of the IWP / RIXS series of workshops

UK / USSR Seminar "Today and Tomorrow in Photoionization", 1990, Leningrad, USSR, chaired by Miron Amusia and John B. West

IWP1992, Potsdam, Germany, chaired by Uwe Becker and Ulrich Heinzmann

IWP1994, San Francisco, USA, chaired by Fred Schlachter and John B. West

IWP1997, Chester, UK, chaired by John B. West and Miron Amusia

IWP2000, Carry-le-Rouet, France, chaired by Paul Morin and John Hepburn

IWP2002, Sayo, Japan, chaired by Kiyoshi Ueda, Hiromichi Kamitsubo, and Bernd Sonntag

IWP2005, Campinas, Brazil, chaired by Arnaldo de Brito, Jerson de Souza, and Dennis Lindle

IWP 2008, Sala, Sweden, chaired by Maria Novella Piancastelli and Svante Svensson

IWP&RIXS 2011, Las Vegas, USA, chaired by Dennis Lindle and Marc Simon

IWP&RIXS 2014, Erice, Italy, chaired by Lorenzo Avaldi, Alexander Föhlisch, and Matjaz Zitnik

IWP&RIXS 2017, Aussois, France, chaired by Marc Simon, Laurent Nahon, and Alfred Maquet

IWP&RIXS 2020, postponed to 2022

IWP&RIXS 2022, Miyagi, chaired by Yoshihisa Harada and Kiyoshi Ueda